Remember, the first strong impressions you make on someone else are the ones likely to end up as notes in their Rolodex.® And they’re also the ones that are likely to stay there forever. Obviously, you want to try for impressions that are both distinctive and positive.

But never forget how important it is to do your homework and find out if you have some common ground when you know you’re going to meet someone new.

That’s not prying. That’s trying to establish a foundation for a relationship based on shared interests.  You would do exactly the same thing if you were going on a date with someone you hadn’t met before and wanted to make a favorable impression.

How do you find out the information that will help you make that good impression?

Any way you can.

If the person is famous enough, check Who’s Who.

If they’re not? Call their office, get a bio, go to the library and check the index of the local newspaper, work your network; try to tap into theirs… In short, do whatever it takes to get the information you need.

Mackay’s Maxim: It does matter how they remember you, but it’s more important that they do remember you.

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