You can’t make a connection with someone if you have nothing to talk about.

I have one simple tip to make so you are never at a loss: Get yourself a subscription to Sunday New York Times.

For a shy person or for someone who worries about running out of things to say, there is no better resource than the Sunday edition of “The Newspaper of Record.” 

  • It’s an encyclopedia of the week’s events.
  • The movie and book reviews alone are worth the price of the paper.
  • If you ever have a talk intelligently about science, travel, sports, politics, or whatever, it’s the right there.

Oh, yes, the networking part.

They tell me that all the yuppies who summer at Martha’s Vineyard line up at the dock every Sunday morning waiting for the ferry to unload its precious cargo of newspapers. You could be in a lot worse company.


Mackay’s Maxim: Reading the Sunday Times is your ticket of admission to any conversation. 


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