You can’t know enough about your customers, suppliers, employees, competitors and audiences. Incomplete information can sometimes be riskier than none at all. Here’s an example: Harold got a phone call from Al who asked if he was going to Rotary the next night.

Harold said, “Yes.”

Al said, “I have a big problem. My guest speaker just canceled. Would you be able to speak?”

Harold said, “Sure.”

Al said, “What might you talk about?”

Harold said, “Sex.”

The next day Harold delivered a 45-minute speech and got a standing ovation. He came home and his wife asked him, “What did you talk about?”

Now Harold was smart enough to know that his wife thought he didn’t know anything about sex, so he said, “Skiing.”

The next day Harold’s wife was at the supermarket, and she saw Al’s wife one isle away.

Al’s wife hollered out, “I spoke to my husband and he said your husband gave a great speech at Rotery. He must be terrific.”

Harold’s wife gollered back, “I don’t understand. He’s only done it once and his hat blew off.”

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