1. I will not assume that the person with the credentials is the person with the power.

2. I will not confuse visibility with credibility – mine or anyone else’s.

3. I will avoid being a schnorrer (or a goniff or a nudge, for that matter).

4. I will never say “no” for the other guy.

5. I will dance with the one that brung me, bad grammar and all.

6. I will differentiate between my network and my company’s network.

7. I won’t stall; I’ll answer the call.

8. If I don’t know, or I think I know, I’ll ask my customers and my contacts.

9. As a small business owner, I’ll make the “personal touch” my mantra.

10. I’ll catch the Zeitgeist, and when it changes, I’ll catch it again.


Mackay Moral: Your network is only as good as the knowledge and information you can bring to it.

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