It’s been a busy 72 hours as I provide tips on the Mackay 66 to the internet world.  I’ve been interviewed on podcasts, radio shows and soon to be filmed on a live webcast.  It’s a great reminder to me about how the book tours I’ve done recently added a virtual component.  While I still spent time in nearly 45 cities, the email announcements were a large part of the past book tour book building.

It’s all about learning new skills.  Often with technology I ask the salesman to give me extra tips so I am better equipped to use the newest tool.  This both saves me time and gets me maximizing the technology.  I am able to learn faster when I practice and have someone better than me showing me how to use the tools.

Today I keep in touch with my kids and grandkids through email, letters, phone and Internet pictures.  What’s next for staying connected in 2008?  How do you keep in touch with your customers, family and friends?  I’d like to hear more how you keep up with the newest technology changes.

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