Pepsi Cola Company

“Phenomenal! Superb! Harvey Mackay stunned the audience with his keen understanding of the feel and pulse of our business. Mackay effortlessly proved he knew our industry inside and out, and then just shot their lights out! Truly a one-of-a-kind speaker”

Sun Microsystems

“Right on target; a bull’s eye-the most successful sales meeting we’ve ever held.”


“Outstanding,” “terrific” and “encore” were just a few of the comments made-you crafted a personal message to our clients and it came across loud and clear.”

The Learning Annex

“I’ve produced more than 10,000 seminars. You’re the best in the business-the Joe DiMaggio of speaking. End of story.”

SuperValu Inc.

“Spectacular. A standing ovation is pretty special.”

American Society of Association Executives

“A brilliant job-I was so very impressed by the care Harvey took to understand the audience and address his remarks specifically to our executives.”

A partial list of organizations and corporation Harvey has addressed.

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