The average person will have at least three career changes and ten different jobs by age thirty-eight. In this era of downsizing and outsourcing, you can never be sure your job will still exist in five years- or five weeks. So you’d better think of your career as a perpetual job search. That demands a passion for lifetime learning and the skills for relentless and effective networking.

If you’re interested in:

– beating rejection before it beats you
– warning signals that you might be losing your job
– acing interviews
– negotiating the job you want not the job they offer
– taking advantage of the way bosses make hiring decisions
– blending the latest contact tools with old-fashioned face-to-face networking

…then I encourage you to check my new book out. It’s Guaranteed to help you. Yes, there’s a money back Guarantee on it.

Uplifting, amusing, and jam-packed with proven tips, Use Your Head to Get Your Foot in the Door will guide you through the toughest job market in decades. It’s also the definitive A-to-Z career resource for the rest of your life.

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