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You can also listen to Harvey’s Podcasts online

Episode 9 – Thoughts on Creating Success – MP3, 21 MB
Harvey is interviewed by Greg Voisen, founder of Compassionate Communications, a new approach to connecting with cancer patients, and Inside Personal Growth, a clearinghouse of interviews with personal development experts.

Episode 8 – Networking within a large company – MP3, 8.6 MB
Harvey and Charlie Flinn chat about how to dig your well before you’re thirsty inside a large organization.

Episode 7 – Humanize Your Selling – MP3, 8 MB
Harvey and Ken Goldman, Principal of ideapark, discuss how to approach sales through building long term relationships. Prepare to win. Do your homework and you’ll separate yourself from the competition.

Episode 6 – Networking – MP3, 13.2 MB
Harvey interviews Cathy Paper, founder and President of RockPaperStar, on networking. People are impacted by the people they meet and the books they read. Learn how to easily begin to grow your network from the best, Harvey Mackay.

Episode 5 – Advice for College Graduates – MP3, 10.5 MB
Harvey speaks with Jeff Stafford about advice for college graduates.

Episode 4 – Take Care of Your Health – MP3, 8.5 MB
Harvey tells Kim Garrettson about his experience with prostate cancer.

Episode 3 – Management – MP3, 3.5 MB
Harvey talks about what makes a great manager.

Episode 2 – First Job – MP3, 6.7 MB
Harvey is interviewed by Dan Strutzel.

Episode 1 – Older Workers – MP3, 10.1 MB
Harvey is interviewed by Dan Strutzel.

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