E-mail and the other features of the electronic office revolution, together with restructurings and downsizings, have decimated the raks of secretaries.  At the same time, coffee shops have been perking up everywhere.  What’s the connection?

Secretaries used to tote coffee to their bosses every morning from the company coffee pot.  Secretaryless middle managers now do their own fetcha nd carry, and smart marketers have found them to be an easy and inviting target for “gourmet” coffee.  Fewer secretaries equals more coffee shops.  Who would have guessed it?

Middle manager, meet your new secretary.  No, not Ms. Starbucks or Mr. Caribou-your PC.  It won’t bring you coffee or laugh at your unfunny jokes, but if you can learn to treat it right, it can perform a lot of the support functions your secretary once did.

Mackay’s Moral: Never underestimate the impact of the law of unexpected consequences.

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