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hm-bookMega-bestselling business guru Harvey Mackay shares his timeless sales advice.

The legendary Harvey Mackay is back with the sum total of decades of sales know-how-teaching go-getters how to make the sale and hit the numbers, day in and day out.

In his irrepressible and irreverent style, Mackay shares decades of solid-gold selling wisdom, with inspirational lessons such as:

  • Big shots are just little shots who kept shooting
  • Helping someone up won’t pull you down-and could very easily pull them to your side
  • Be like the turtle: If he didn’t stick his neck out, he wouldn’t get anywhere at all

Covering everything from how to find the right mentor to earning the loyalty of your customers to overcoming rejection, Mackay delivers road-tested, real-world selling advice that has stood the test of time.

In a digital world, the human touch has never been more decisive. And nobody connects with customers, readers, and audiences better than Harvey Mackay.


Lou Holtz

“Harvey Mackay was born to write this book. I have seen him use his head to open a million doors, and drawing on his amazing experiences, he shares invaluable advice.Harvey gets it. Without question, I know he can help every reader with this masterpiece.”

– Lou Holtz

Larry King

“Harvey Mackay’s new book is his best yet – and that’s saying a lot. it is relevant, easy to apply and an absolute must read. Miss it at your own peril. A genius work in practical terms.”

– Larry King

Suze Orman

“Now a book that can guide you to be more and have more. If you don’t have the success that you want in your life right now, this book is for you.”

– Suze Orman

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