The heart of education is the education of the heart
Obstacles are the stepping stones of success
Some squares are really sharp
A partnership is no better than the people in it
Say thanks before it’s just a memory
Don’t Compromise hiring standards
Improve your time and time will improve You
Real winners keep moving the finishing line
On the road again
Tell the truth or pay the consequences
Manage your time or others will do it for you
Disappointment is opportunity in disguise
Worrying makes you cross the bridge before you come to it
Bring in the 20-mule team
Take the chill out of cold calls
There’s no business without show business
Who’s got the hammer?
Negotiating in a nutshell
How not to and how to think creatively
Crunch time
Volunteerism: you often receive more than you give
Leaders need to show caring is contagious
The most valuable card in your wallet
What they don’t teach you in school
Tony Dungy’s ‘Quiet Strength’ speaks volumes
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