Excerpts from Pushing The Envelope: All the Way To The Top

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Creativity Killers

Here are some of the creativity killers Harvey Mackay has heard at receptions,

conferences, seminars and speeches.

  • It’s not in the budget.
  • The boss will never go for it.
  • Great idea! Let’s form a committee to tackle it.
  • It will never work.
  • We have done it this way for so many years, and we still make a profit.
  • Why fix it if it isn’t broken?
  • That’s not how we do things around here.
  • That’s not my job.
  • Let’s let the competition try it first and see what happens.
  • It will create more work for the rest of us.
  • Sounds like a great idea! Let’s run it by Legal.

Harvey Mackay’s New Year’s Resolutions

Start your New Year today. And remember, anyone can make a resolution. Very few people can keep one.

  1. I will improve my listening skills. I will remind myself that I can’t learn anything when I’m doing the talking. I will abandon my phony “open door” policy and establish specific meetings and set aside specific times so others can have real access to me. I will break down barriers. I will try to end the “not invented here” syndrome and encourage the free flow of information across departmental and hierarchical lines. I will answer my own phone . . . well, I will answer it more often.
  2. I will improve my professional skills. I will cease to be a pothole on the information highway. I will not allow myself to become one of these old fuddy-duddies who brags about his or her inability to operate modern business equipment. I will get up to speed on computers and communications equipment. Nobody should come into the 21st century without being computer literate.
  3. I will exercise regularly. I will exercise regularly to the point where I will become “positively addicted.” I know exercise not only improves my health but helps me maintain a high level of performance on the job.
  4. I will encourage risk-taking. I know that more businesses fail from lack of boldness than from trying something new. I will not punish or ridicule honest mistakes. I love my work. I want others to feel the same about theirs, so I will try to make my workplace a fun and exciting place to be, not just a paycheck.
  5. I will not neglect my family in pursuit of the almighty dollar. I will never forget that they do more to keep me on an even keel and bring more genuine happiness into my life than any business success I can ever achieve. So Carol Ann, I’m on my way home.
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